US 1

KIALOA US 1 Kialoa III Sail Number : US 1

The Glory of Kialoa US 1

Does any yacht or sailing team hold a more victorious record?

A Kialoa US 1 Challenge to the ocean racing world…

Jim Kilroy’s book KIALOA US-1: Dare to Win is the compelling story of the tremendous success of the Kialoa maxi boat, ocean racing yacht races in the world of yachting.

We cannot help but ask ourselves, “Has any other yacht or sailing captain and crew equaled or succeeded the success of the Kialoa US 1 in the major races of our ocean racing world?”

As a quick summary, we offer a few victories in our 1975 – 1977 racing years:

  • The Yachting World Ocean Racing Champions, 1975 – 1977
  • Four Major Races
    • The St. Petersburg – Ft. Lauderdale SORC Race – 374 miles
    • The Miami – Montego Bay, Jamaica Race – 811 miles
    • The Los Angeles – Honolulu Transpac Race – 2,225 miles
    • The Sydney – Hobart Race, Australia – 635 miles

If other yachts have exceeded our victories, we welcome their challenge.

The sail number US 1 is Kialoa. The Kialoa racing is US 1. The Kialoa yachts are racing even now.

Victorious Sailing

1981Kialoa IV
1982Kialoa IV
1983Kialoa IV
1984Kialoa IV
1985 *Boomerang
1986no series
1987Kialoa V
1988 **Il Moro di Venezia
1989 ***Longobarda
Other High Placements:
* Kialoa IV 2nd Place
** Kialoa V 3rd Place
*** Kialoa V 4th Place

Kialoa III with US 1 sails

We will not retire! Memories live forever.

– Jim Kilroy, skipper